Jolle Dancing in Makeni

Jolle dancer, Ojeh Society, in Makeni Sierra Leone, June 2017

Families Without Borders hosted a celebration in Makeni, Sierra Leone, at the end of June 2017 including dancing and drums.  A special guest was the Ojeh Society character named Jolle (pronounced “Joe-Lee”).  The Ojeh Society is a secret community group and Jolle is a female character of entertainment.  The dancer is usually male but the audience can be mixed male and female.  Jolle is generations old. Jolle calls out individuals to dance but also dances with the whole group.  The dancer wears a mask and gloves because the audience is not supposed to know who they are.  This dancer chose a pink mask but there are other faces that Jolle can use.  The pictures are by Katy Dickinson.

Jolle dancer, Ojeh Society, in Makeni Sierra Leone, June 2017

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4 Makeni Girl Hairstyles

Hair is an important part of a young woman’s personal and professional style.  Here in Makeni, Sierra Leone, we like fancy hair.  Our hair is braided, natural, and cultural.  Sometimes we even wear wigs.  We make up our own styles weekly and sometimes use extensions – but we use no ties or dyes.  We got to different hair stylists in town to help us but we get to pick how we look.  Sometimes we use magazines for new ideas.  West Africa is not all the same in hair – Liberia is similar to Sierra Leone but Guinea is different.

Ring Style
Mabinty in Makeni, Sierra Leone, July 2017

Isatu in Makeni, Sierra Leone, July 2017

Tryphina in Makeni, Sierra Leone, July 2017

Fatlex in Makeni, Sierra Leone, July 2017

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New Blog: Makeni Girls

Welcome to Makeni Girls, a new blog by a group of young women in Makeni, Sierra Leone, on the west coast of Africa.  We all are students at the University of Makeni and are part of the Families Without Borders community.  We are in our twenties and our majors are: Development Studies, Human Resources Management, Agriculture, Mass Communications, Accounting and Finance, Agriculture Food and Technology.  We are Muslim and Christian and welcome all to our community.

Makeni Girls, Sierra Leone, July 2017